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[10.06.2008] Picnic with Bānītis
In Gulbenes – Alūksnes narrow-gauge railway stop "Kalniena" on every saturday in June, an informative picnic will be held, and all visitors will be carried by a steam dolly "Marisa". The train will depart from Gulbene station at 12:00. On 14th and 21st of June the third birthday of "Marisa" will be celebrated, since its reconstruction which took place in year 2005.


In comparison with usual events, this event is planned as an informative, where one will get information about the history of railways and railroadmen as well as get acquainted with the principles how steam train works.


The organizers want to raise people's interest about the railway, which is not only a convenient transport but also a hobby for many people all over the world. Therefore in station "Kalniena", which is the destination, there will be educational sideshows, movies and discussions with professionals. Families with children are particularly welcome. Kalniena station will also offer outdoor activities, therefore remember to bring food and drinks for the picnic.


Gulbene-Alūksne narrow-gauge railway in the recent years has become one of the most popular tourism destination is Latvia. Gulbene depo is also available for the tourists and those who want an unusual accommodation are welcome to spend a night in the Estonian ex-KGB officers compartment carriage which is also located in Gulbene depo.


The number of places is limited, therefore we kindly ask you to book in advance! More information availabe in

Information by Andris Biedriņš
Ph.: 0037129531097



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