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[10.06.2008] With ship to Jūrmala
With the beginning of the tourism season, the ship "New Wave" starts to operate between Riga city centre to Jūrmala on everyday basis

The ship can accommodate about 100 passengers. The ship will operate every day, and its stop in Riga is next to the statue Lielais Kristaps. The ship departs at 11:00 and it takes two hours till Majori (Jūrmala).

In Majori one can enjoy the beautiful beach and Jūrmala city, as well as visit Līvu akvapars or the new Fountain park with 52 fountains.

From Majori the ship departs at 19:00, and arrives at the old city after 2 hours - a perfect time for dinner of events at the old town.

During the day the ship will operate on Lielupe river between 14:30 and 17:00.

The journey from Riga to Jūrmala cost LVL 10, both ways LVL 15. Ticket price for kids - LVL 5, or LVL 8 both way. The trip on Lielupe river cost LVL 5 or LVL 3 for kids.

Source: Jūrmala City Council



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