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[13.05.2008] Cēsis TIC welcomes everyone to participate in the active tourism relay "Wendi trail" on 17th of May
The relay will consist of several stages, where every team member will have to make on stage

Time: 17th of May, 2008. Start at 12:00

Organized by: 
Cēsis Tourism Information Centre,  „Žagarkalns”, „Ozolkalns” and „Vienkoči park”

Relay description:
Active toursim relay "Wendi trail" will consist of orientation in Cēsis old city, overcoming obstacles (also over water).

The team has to consist of 4 people.

On 17th of May from 11.00-11.45 in Cēsis TIC, Pils square 1.

Till 15th of May in Cēsis TIC, or by phone 0037164121815, 0037128318318 or by e-mail

More information: Cēsis TIC, Pils square 1



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