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[12.04.2008] News and events in Sigulda this summer
On the 1st of May the new tourism season was officilaly opened in Sigulda, so everyone can learn more here what Siguldas has to offer this summer!

"This season the biggest tourism objects will be working without holidays. So, after the 1st of May all objects are open every day, and they also have longer working hours" says Gunta Vītola, Head of Sigulda TIC

Discount card „Siguldas spieķis”

On the 31st of May, during Sigulda city celebrations, the new discount card will be presented to the city guests. It includes many discount in Sigulda as well as the Sigulda area. More information here.

Attraction park  “TARZĀNS”

In May, a new attraction park “Tarzāns” will be opened in Sigulda. It is located on  skiing track  “Ziediņkalns”. The total length of the track is 1200m, longest ride - 180, heigth - 16m.

More information  or by phone 0037127001187. 
Cycling route:  Sigulda – More – Māļpils – Allaži – Sigulda 

Sigulda Region Council together with Allaži Area Council and Mālpils Parish Council has published a new cycling route map, with the total length of 59km. The map is available in Sigulda TIC. In the future it is planned to mark the route with signs. More information here.

Other news:

  • At the end of year 2007, Gauja National Park begun the construction of the new visitors centre near cave Gūtmaņa
  • Turaida museum-preserve was the most visited tourism object in Latvia. In year 2007 it was visited by 244 982 people. Also new expositions available in Turaida castle
  • The new hotel - „Segevold” -  has been opened in Sigulda on str. Mālpils 4b eith 43 rooms, restaurant conference hall and recreation complex
  • In June the guests of Sigulda can also stay at the new hotel with 11 rooms on str. Pils 4b
  • Hotel   „Aparjods” joined Best Western hotel chain
  • Recreation complex   „Brūveri” on the 1st of July will open 8 new cottages with 4 beds in each, as well as kitchen, WC and shower.
  • On Sigulda TIC website soon it will be also possible to book hotels on-line. There you can also find the newest information in English!

Sigulda area Tourism Information Centre
Valdemāra str. 1a
Sigulda LV-2150
Ph. 0037167971335
Fax. 0037167971371



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