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Rehabilitation Center Līgatne, hotel

For your health and well-beeing. Here you can also find the secret bunkers from the Soviet times!


Rubene Lutheran Church

Church, where latvian Indriķis has worked

[20.04.2008] Lets find the white storks!
At the moment the birds are returning to Latvia, and one of the most famous, undoubtedly, is the white stork. Together with Latvian Ornithology Society everyone is welcome to report the places around Limbaži where the white storks live

In Limbaži there are not some many people, interested in bird watching. One of the most active is Ģirts Vilciņš. 

Therefore, in order to get to know more places where the white stroks live, everyone is welcome to contact Ģirts Vilciņš, by sending e-mail to or personally report to Limabaži TIC (Burtnieku str. 5) till 15th of May.

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Ģirts Vilciņš



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