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[19.04.2008] Jūrmala will participate in the competition as the cadidate city for European Capital of Culture
Jūrmala City Council supported the participation for the competition, which will take place on 2014.

According to the current legislation, any city with a cultural programme for year 2014 can apply for the competition. The programme also has to point out the uniqueness and creativity of the city.

 "The cultural events in Jūrmala already draws attention to the city, where concerts of world-famous artists take place. We also want to show Jūrmala city as a place for creative people, who appreciate the culture" says Raimonds Munkevics, head of Jūrmala City Council

Since 1995, every year one city receives the title as the European Cspital of Culture. The purpose of this event is to raise the awareness about the city, promote it in the European level and attract more tourists. 

Liverpool (UK) and Stavanger (Norway) are the European Capitals of Culture this year. Next year it will be Linz (Austria) and Vilnius (Lithuania), but in year 2010 - Peča (Hungary) and Istambul (Turkey).



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