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[01.04.2008] New painiting discovered in Cesis New Castle during the reconstruction
At the moment the castle is beeing renovated with the help of the European Union

It was decided to renovate the castle, because the impact of the Soviet times had left the castle not in the best shape. The whole process or reconstruction is very expensive, about 3 million lats in total. During the reconstruction process new drawing was discovered - a good news for the owners of the castle, but bad for the reconstructors, as now it will take more time and money to reconstruct the paintings. Therefore it was decided to open the museum and show the visitors the process of the picture reconstruction.

The castle will be opened to the visitors at the beginning of August, but only temporary exhibitions will be available at the moment. Addittonal money is necesarry to reconstruct the 3rd and 4th floor.

This summer in the Castle garden there will be a new event - restaurant, which will serve medieval food, accompanied by a concert, outdoor cinema and other performances. It is planned to offer various types of food, as well as a lot of different events meanwhile.

One of the prerequisites for increased tourist flow is also sufficient amount of accommodations - at the moment in Cesis city there are only 350 places, which is not enough during the summer months.

As the museum is also expanding every year, a decision was taken by Cesis City Council to renowate four historical buildings in the old city to store the exhibits of the museum.

Source:, Neatkariga rita avize



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