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[29.03.2008] Last year Jurmala city was mostly visited by foreign tourists from Estonia, Russia and Lithuania
According to the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, Jurmala last year was visited by 128 184 tourists, which is 3546 more than in the year 2006.

The Central Statistical Bureau has summarized the information, provided by 34 accommodations in Jurmala.

The growth in the first quarter of the year was by 20%, in the second - by 10%, in the third - by 3%. This means that the tourists are interested to visit Jurmala also during the winter and spring.

From foreign tourists the majority were from Estonia - 13%, Russia - 12.5%, Lithuania - 11% followed by Finland and Norway with about 5% each. Germany, Belarus and Sweden accounts for about 4% and 1.1% of the tourists came from the UK.

Still, the majority of the tourists are coming from Latvia - 31% of total.

The biggest increase, in terms of the number of foreign tourists, were from Norway (a 47% increase, if compared to a year before). Also the increase for the tourists from Sweden were by 27%, comparing to a year before.

The number of tourists from Scandinavia continues to grow, mostly thanks to the new flight routes with the low-cost carriers. Also the marketing activities of Jurmala have been increased in Scandinavia.

The guests from Scandinavia mostly chose to visit SPAs, as well as the recreation complexes, where the prices are lower during the winter months and spring.

Last year Jurmala was visited by 22% more tourists from Russia. It is not surprising, because Jurmala was voted as the best resort city by the Russian tourism portal "".

According to the statistics, the number of tourists from UK has increased by 10% during the last year.

In year 2007. 413 312 tourists were accommodated in Jurmala city, employing 2078 people.

The tourists have spent 3.2 night on average, which is 2 times more than a year before.

Source:, LETA



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