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[24.03.2008] Live camels in Raksi!
Recreation centre "Raksi", a member of Vidzeme Tourism Association, has acquired two Bactrian camels - Fatim and Sahib

In "Raksi", Amata parish nearby Cesis, alreday for two weeks the tourists can see live camels - Fatim and Sahib.

"Raksi" is the only place in Latvia, outside Riga Zoo to have live camels. Two years ago other exotic animals - lamas, alpacas and others were brought to "Raksi". It is planned to have Arabian camels and vicunas soon. For the tourists it is possible not only to see the animals, but also touch them and even sit on the camels!

There are huge areas in "Raksi", so the camels and other animals have plently of space to browse.

More information available at the website of "Raksi"

Source:, Latvijas Avize



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